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RV Insurance

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being able to pick up at any moment and head for the mountains. Or the ocean. Or the desert. This feeling of freedom is what attracts millions of Americans to the pleasures of RV travel. Whether you own a motor home, fifth-wheel trailer, or a pop-up camper, R/V Insurance Protection Package's include many available options that enhance your independence and peace of mind.

  • Our Checkless Payment Plan allows your bank or credit union to pay your monthly bill for you on a date you choose. No more worrying about paying bills while you're on the road!

  • Our Pledge of Lifetime Insurability guarantees people over 50 the insurance protection they need as long as they have a consecutive, three-year history of Safeco coverage, maintain a driving record free of serious traffic violations, remain physically able to operate a motor vehicle, and pay their premiums on time.

  • Express Reporting, our 24-hour claims service, and our Emergency Assistance Package ensure you'll be well taken care of if a problem arises.

Your recreational vehicle requires the same quality protection you want for your home, auto, and personal possessions. Safeco's RV policy is extremely comprehensive, offering the following coverage's:

Liability – pays for damage to the property of, or injury to, others for which you are liable.

Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection – pays for medical expenses for you or others injured in your RV.

Comprehensive – pays for loss or damage to your RV from vandalism, fire, theft, windstorm, falling objects, flood and other perils.

Collision – pays for damage to your RV resulting from the collision with another vehicle or object.

Uninsured Motorist – pays for bodily injury caused by a hit-and-run driver or uninsured motorist when you are driving your RV or while you are a pedestrian.

Emergency Assistance Package – this comprehensive package pays for the cost of towing or road service, housing and transportation costs if your RV becomes uninhabitable, and the loss of personal property in your RV. Some of the features include:

  • up to $50 a day for transportation expenses such as a rental car

  • up to $500 for alternative transportation home, meals, and lodging

  • up to $500 for personal property if the theft or damage occurs away from home

  • up to $100 for a telephone permanently installed in your car

  • up to $50 for tapes, records, discs, or other media – if the vehicle is stolen

  • locksmith coverage up to $50

towing included

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